Pat Bayly Square

In 2016, underground work commenced on the highly anticipated Pat Bayly Square — a multi-faceted gathering space in the heart of downtown Ajax. This landmark project is an integral component of the new $300-million urban Vision development at the southwest corner of Bayly Street and Harwood Avenue.

The first of its kind in the Region of Durham, the public square, named after the first mayor of Ajax, will serve as an educational venue and also provide amenities for daily users, community functions and cultural activities year round.

The square will feature a prominent skating rink/reflective pool, an array of water fountains, cultural artwork, multi-functional spaces for public gatherings, a multi-purpose stage, seating areas, landscaping and a civic building. The contemporary design of the square will reflect the surrounding architecture and have a strong unified look.

The square will pay homage to the Town’s history with a special monument to honour the thousands of women who worked at Defence Industry Limited during the Second World War, and a unique pavement design reminiscent of the coding pattern on a key stream tape found in a Rockex machine, a Pat Bayly innovation.

The development of Pat Bayly Square is key to the creation of a meaningful destination point in our downtown that will have lasting social and economic development benefits. Similar to Nathan Phillips Square and Yonge-Dundas Square, Pat Bayly Square is set to become one of the prime community and tourist attractions in the region.

Occupancy of the first Tower of Vision began fall 2017 and consists of 25 storeys, 272 residential units, two floors of office space, and ground-level commercial units. Work continues on the second tower and is expected to be completed spring 2019. The grand opening of Pat Bayly Square is expected for fall 2018.

A project of this magnitude will evolve as the development progresses. The Town is committed to keeping the community informed of changes in timing and scope and looks forward to working collaboratively with residents and businesses to make this project a reality.

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