On July 9, 2009, Ajax Council authorized the strategic acquisition of land at the southwest corner of Bayly Street and Harwood Avenue, as a critical step in advancing the development of a vibrant Downtown for Ajax. The site is of singular importance due to:

  • its locations as a focal point and gateway for the Downtown;
  • the opportunities it provides for development next to existing public facilities;
  • its ability to provide for a meaningful urban public place that symbolizes a true Downtown for Ajax;
  • its ability to accommodate appropriate development on a highly visible, vacant site in the centre of the Downtown as a model for Downtown redevelopment initiatives; and,
  • the Town’s ability to acquire the site under the CIP program which provides the Town with the ability to directly control the format, program and outcome of new development in a manner that positively responds to a critical gap in the Downtown urban structure.

Medallion Developments (Bayly Square) Limited received site plan approval in the summer of 2012 for the first phase of a comprehensive three-phase development including approximately 1,750 residential units, offices, retail space, public space and a new civic square.

The development will establish an intensive, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented district, with an economically viable retail use.

A key Gateway Site will be developed with landmark buildings that present front façades and primary pedestrian entranceways to the street, and a distinct high-quality urban square. Surface parking, loading and service areas would be limited. The proposal will be consistent with Ajax’s ecosystem-based approach including the use of ‘green’ technologies. A grid pattern of closely spaced streets will be provided to enhance pedestrian and vehicular connectivity. Pedestrian/bicycle travel and public transit will occur by way of a safe and connected network of sidewalks, walkways, urban squares and gathering spaces connected to public sidewalks. The development will accommodate households of varied ages, incomes and demographic composition.

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Economic Benefits*

  • The Town is expected to net approximately $36.5 million in tax revenue over the next 40 years as a result of the development. From 2013 to 2026, total Ajax property taxes net of CIP incentives are estimated at $9.5 million (20% of the total property taxes payable). From 2026 onward, Ajax property taxes from the site are estimated to be $1.4 million per year.
  • In addition to the property taxes, other benefits total $2.3 million worth of park land for Pat Bayly Square as well as public parking spaces, indoor public space and the extension of Kitney Drive.
  • The total financial benefit to the Region of Durham over the next 40 years is approximately $135 million. The Region of Durham will receive $17 million in development charges for construction of infrastructure and approximately $120 million in property taxes.
  • The development will create over 200 jobs, approximately 107 spin-off jobs in the Downtown core, and approximately 20 jobs will be generated to service the residential component.
  • Total population at build-out is estimated at 3,200 persons. It is projected that residents of the development will spend about $71.6 million on goods and services each year in Ajax, totalling $2 billion by 2053.
  • Direct and indirect construction-related employment will earn almost $126 million in wages and salaries.
  • The estimated cost of construction is $280-$300 million.
  • The total Town, Region and Community financial benefit combined are approximately $2.6 billion by 2053.

*Benefits based on Economic Analysis conducted by the Altus Group in 2011. More details available in Town of Ajax Report to General Government Committee meeting July 7, 2011.

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